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Iris Blue Great Loop

This costume has a long history of not being used. First, Sandra bought it at Rakkasah for $800. I bought it from her (with the tags still on it) for $725. I only wore it once for the Fantasy Festival (which is where the below photos were taken).

Essentially, it is too big for me. It was made for someone with 40 inch hips and I moved the hooks to make it fit me. It fits okay, but I have to safety pin the band of the skirt to make it stay on my hips. Plus the skirt is too long. So I have sent Bella a photo of this costume and am getting one that fits perfectly made and selling this one.

Bra - I am a 34C, but the hooks could be moved to add up to 4 more inches. The bra hooks behind the neck.

Skirt - My hips are 34.5 inches around at the top and 36.5 at the widest part of the hip. This skirt is slightly too big for me. But a person my size could replace the elastic at the top. The length is 37 inches. There is beautiful beading down the front and back.

Belt - Can be extended to 41 inches, but is currently set to my size. Not only can the hooks be moved to make it fit any size between 35 and 41 inches, but the belt is in two pieces and can be resewn together to make sure the dip in the front and back of the belt are perfectly centered.

Many arm accessories - 1 set of upper arm bands, 2 sets of wrist cuffs, 1 set of ancle cuffs, and 1 set of full length sleeves

2 Headbands (one turban wrap, one headband)

Navy Blue, Chiffon Veil


This costume is in great condition, but you can see on the inside that I have been moving the hooks around like mad to make it fit me.

The lovely Zaheea has this same costume, but in a different color. Below are a few photos of her looking fabulous. These are better photos of the costume. I posted these black and white because I don't want people to become confused about the color of the costume I am selling.



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