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Gold Animal Print Bella - SOLD

This is a one of a kind, custom made Bella costume from Istanbul. It is light weight and comfortable with no damage.

The original owner was Sandra (you can see a photo of her wearing it on the front page of her website here). She only wore it for that photo shoot then sold it to me. I have performed in it twice and wore it for this photo shoot, so it is still almost new. I feel like the bra is a tad bit too small for me and I was really paranoid about it when I wore it performing.

The bra is 34 B-C, but the hooks could be moved to add up to 2 more inches. I am a full C cup and you can see that it is a tiny bit small for me. It would be best for a small C or a large B. A small or regular B could fit with a bit of padding.

Currently the hooks are 34.5 inches around at the top and 37 at the widest part of the hip, but up to 2 inches can be added by moving the hooks.

The skirt is stretchy. I am 34.5 inches around at the top of the hip and 37 at the widest part of the hip. You can see that it fits my size well, but an extra inch around the widest part of the hip would be fine. There is a zipper and a hoop in the back, so your top measurement needs to be 34-35. The length is 36 inches.

The skirt has beading sewn directly onto it. There is a slit up the side with a chiffon insert.

This costume also comes with a necklace, a headband and gloves.

Payment details: It will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis. I accept paypal, but if you are paying from an unverified, overseas paypal account the costume will be held for one week before shippingin order to verify funds. Sorry, I cannot accept installments or hold costumes. Payment is due immediately upon confirmation.


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