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Gold Dress - sold

I bought this dress at the Sim Moda Evi store in Istanbul, Turkey, for $700. I absolutely love it, but I just don't feel comfortable dancing in a dress. I only wore it once for the photo shoot, and have never performed in it. It just sits in my closet.

The costume has a sexy cutout over the belly and an open back. The straps cross over the upper back and hook under the arm. I am a size 34 C, but the straps could be tightened to fit a B cup.

This is a one piece costume that is made out of stretchy material. My hips are about 36 inches around, but you could easily fit another inch or two in there before looking too squeezed in.

The costume was originally just a mini-skirt, but I had them add the rest. It could easily be removed to make it short again.

I am 5 feet 5 inches and as you can see, it is a tiny bit long for me. There is no beading on the bottom of the skirt, so you could easily cut and hem it to be shorter.

This costume also comes with arm bands and a headband.


Payment details: It will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis. I accept paypal, but if you are paying from an unverified, overseas paypal account the costume will be held for one week before shippingin order to verify funds. Sorry, I cannot accept installments or hold costumes. Payment is due immediately upon confirmation.


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