Belly Dance Classes

Michelle is currently not teaching any public classes.

oakland belly dance class

Belly Dance class introduces the student to belly dance basics while giving them a full body workout. We will focus on hip work articulation, shimmies, body undulations, and hand/arm techniques. Classes are designed to be a noncompetitive environment where we can improve our health, body image, and creativity. The student will get a thorough, safe, and gentle workout while achieving tone, balance, posture awareness, and strength.

Private/small group belly dance lessons available.
To book a private class or workshop, email Michelle at [email protected] or call 510-384-2773.

Michelle's Credentials:

In addition to years of professional, international belly dance experience, Michelle holds many fitness instructor credentials:

~ Group Exercise Instructor Certification (NDEITA)
~ Personal Trainer Certification (NESTA)
~ Lifestyle and Weight Management Counselor (NESTA)
~ First Aid and CPR certified



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